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Partnership Options

Planning for the future is a part of every owner’s journey. We are committed to helping you figure out your path and more importantly -  your options.

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We know planning for the future is not easy. Our mission is to provide options for preserving and capitalizing on what you’ve built.

We Offer 2 Different Options For Joining Our Community

One is if you are looking to retire, build a nice nest egg for your family, and place your practice and staff in good hands. 

Second option is partnership -  which entails an acquisition, continuing to practice, along with an equity stake and team role in Well Labs+.

When you are ready - Let’s talk about what path may be right for you and your family. Because we know at the end of the day – family is for whom we ultimately do this.


Benefits of Joining Well Labs+

We provide your clinic with comprehensive resources and support so you can focus on providing your clients with exceptional experiences. 








  • We take on the administrative burden so you can get back to focusing on what you love - caring for your patients.
    - Well Labs+ Team

Join Our Medspa Community

If you would like to learn more about joining the Well Labs+ community, contact us today, and let's start the process!

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